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All you need is love &
a nice bottle of wine



  • Repour will preserve any wine you want to save (including your archived wines), and you’ll be able to enjoy bottle after bottle without the worry of any going to waste
  • Repour is an efficient tool for improving wine by-the-glass sales. Some wine producers give away a 6th or 7th bottle for free when you buy 5 or 6 bottles. Repour can replace that 6th or 7th bottle, and you can encourage the sale of your wines in restaurants by giving the restaurant, for example, 4 Repour stoppers for a purchased case of 6 750ml bottles or 72 Repour stoppers for a purchased 10 to 15 cases of wine.
  • When holding events and wine presentations in your cellars, open (but not fully used) bottles of wine usually remain, and sometimes even several bottles of the same label remain open. Using Repour, you can safely preserve unused bottles until the next event or presentation in 2, 3, 5 or more days.
  • When selling 750ml bottles in your wine cellars, you can give away Repour with wine purchases as an incentive for responsible wine consumption.
  • Repour can be branded, so wine producers can sell it as a souvenir in their wine cellars or in their online shops.



  • Repour is an innovative, patented closure for still 750ml wine bottles which, unlike other closures which only slow down the deterioration of wine, fully preserves the freshness and specific aromas of wines for up to 2 months.
  • Repour allows you to open any bottle of still wine at any time, even your most valuable ones, growing sales and expanding the quality of your by-the-glass (BTG) selections.

  • If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, a sommelier, or a wine professional working with BTG programs, you no longer have to be burdened with when and which bottle of wine you should open, and you do not have to manage your program by writing the open date on the bottle or waste time writing messages in common What’s App employee groups.

    Repour saves your time and allows you to focus on selling more profitable wines and improving the quality of your service.

  • Every day you open new bottles of wine in your restaurant or wine bar, and every day some of the bottles have wine left in them. Before closing, use Repour to replace the original corks or screw caps on the bottles you opened that day. Repour will do the rest!
  • Bottles with Repour inserted in them must be stored upright (in a vertical position).
  • Repour should remain in the bottle when you’re not pouring from it so it continues to remove oxygen from the bottle—not from the air in the room.
  • Before using Repour, it is necessary to remove foil tab on the bottom of the stopper before placing it in a bottle. (VIDEO).

  • Repour works by absorbing oxygen not only from the air above the wine but also from the dissolved oxygen in the wine itself; no gases or anything else are injected into the bottle. By absorbing the oxygen, a vacuum is created in the bottle that preserves the quality of all still wines.
  • At the end of 2022, Repour received a health certificate from the Croatian Institute of Public Health from Zagreb, which is an authorized laboratory of European Union. Repour’s innovative oxygen extraction system complies with the prescribed EU Regulation on active materials that come into contact with food, which was confirmed by measurements of the German specialized laboratory Eurofins GmbH.
  • Repour is good the life of one 750ml bottle of wine whether the wine is finished in a few days or in a few weeks.


Personalized packaging options are endless. With the highest quality packaging and finishing, our personalized products offer a high-impact, low-cost way to build your brand, associating it with an innovative and smart new way to enjoy wine.






I am amazed by the versatility and usability of Repour. I simply remove the seal and place it in the bottle, it keeps the wine intact for up to 2 months! This has helped us enlarge the “by the glass” offer, keeping our customers satisfied. Repour is ideal not only for the restoration business, but also for home users, and even winemakers!

You should start using it too, trust me! 🙂

━ Valentin Bufolin,<br>Best sommeliler of Slovenia<br>President of Slovenian Sommelier Association<br>Chief Commercial Officer Bargroup d.o.o.  and<br>Repour wine saver brand ambassador

━ Valentin Bufolin,
Best sommeliler of Slovenia
President of Slovenian Sommelier Association
Chief Commercial Officer Bargroup d.o.o.  and
Repour wine saver brand ambassador



  • Are you innovative, reputable, experienced, and have worked in your national (regional) wine distribution (or winemaking) market for years?
  • Do you distribute / produce, among others, mid- to high-end premium quality wine labels?
  • The most important task for you remains to constantly improve and develop user experience of your customers and consumers.
  • Among other KPIs, you are never completely satisfied with your numeric and weighted distribution market coverage.
  • Do you constantly upgrade your business and always try harder?
  • If so, we are looking for national (regional) distributor partners like you in Europe and the Middle East. Feel free to contact us here.

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