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Tired of pouring bad wine down the drain?

We were, too!

With Repour, keeping wine fresh is as easy as putting a stopper in a bottle.


How to use

Pop the Cork

One Repour will keep one bottle of wine fresh until the bottle is empty. Use Repour like a regular wine stopper in between glasses.
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Keep Wine Fresh Longer

Repour removes 100% of the oxygen from wine. With no oxygen, the wine stays fresh.
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Give it a Swirl

Repour works so well your wine may need a little air before your first sip.
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Repour is activated when you remove the foil at the bottom of the cap and place it on the open bottle.

Always keep Repour in the bottle when you are not decanting wine.

Do not store the bottle with Repour in a horizaontal position. Always store the bottle upright.

How Long Does Repour Last? One Repour keeps a 750 ml bottle fresh for up to 2 months. You can use the same Repour multiple times on the same bottle and enjoy your wine until the bottle is empty. Replace the original closure (cork or screw cap) with a Repour and keep it with the bottle until it’s empty.

Oxygen in an open bottle is what causes your wine to go bad. Eliminating that oxygen is the only way to keep your wine fresh to enjoy later. Repour eliminates 100% of the oxygen in the bottle which means wine saved with Repour stays fresh.

How Does Repour Work? There’s a special packet inside the closure, and material in the packet reacts with oxygen until there is NO oxygen left. If you store the bottle with Repour in a horizontal position it becomes ineffective.


Happy Clients Say

I am amazed by the versatility and usability of Repour. I simply remove the seal and place it in the bottle, it keeps the wine intact for up to 2 months! This has helped us enlarge the “by the glass” offer, keeping our customers satisfied. Repour is ideal not only for the restoration business, but also for home users, and even winemakers!

You should start using it too, trust me! 🙂

━ Valentin Bufolin,<br>Best sommeliler of Slovenia<br>President of Slovenian Sommelier Association<br>Chief Commercial Officer Bargroup d.o.o.  and<br>Repour wine saver brand ambassador

━ Valentin Bufolin,
Best sommeliler of Slovenia
President of Slovenian Sommelier Association
Chief Commercial Officer Bargroup d.o.o.  and
Repour wine saver brand ambassador

Repour is a revolutionary product and I am delighted with its effectiveness. Until I knew about Repour, my attitude was that a bottle of wine must be consumed in 1 day. Repour absolutely changed that opinion of mine. After testing Repour with vintage red and white wines, my delight was endless. With preserved aromas and freshness, Repour significantly saved us time, our wine losses were reduced and now we open even the most expensive bottles of wine for our guests and offer them by-the-glass in my NOEL restaurant. Our guest can be sure that served wine will be of top quality, every time, without exception, exactly as it was when the bottle was opened. I am looking forward to the future and to Repour, which will bring uniform quality to all users, which is important to me as a professional sommelier, but also to my guests at NOEL.
Simple is beautiful! I enjoy the ease of use of this functional and unique product!

━ Ivan Jug,<br>ASI certified sommelier,<br>Best sommelier of Croatia 2022/21’/18’,<br>22. ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2023,<br>Co-founder of NOEL Micheline star restaurant in Zagreb and Repour tasting consultant

━ Ivan Jug,
ASI certified sommelier,
Best sommelier of Croatia 2022/21’/18’,
22. ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2023,
Co-founder of NOEL Micheline star restaurant in Zagreb and Repour tasting consultant

Impressive preservation of the freshness and aromas in the wine, a really smart tool for restaurants, due to the small storage needed to keep the Repour!
Definitely something that will mark its presence in the wine industry in the future, booth because of the saving of wastage for restaurateurs as well as for the environmental impact it will have to avoid it!

━ Francesco Marzola,<br>16. ASI Best sommelier of the World 2023,<br>Best sommelier of Norway 2020,<br>Best sommelier of the Nordics 2018,<br>Advanced Sommelier – Court of Master Sommelier,<br>Wine Director @ Ambassaden, Oslo, Norway

━ Francesco Marzola,
16. ASI Best sommelier of the World 2023,
Best sommelier of Norway 2020,
Best sommelier of the Nordics 2018,
Advanced Sommelier – Court of Master Sommelier,
Wine Director @ Ambassaden, Oslo, Norway

I am sure Repour will be one of the next revolutions in the wine world! Repour is definitely something different, useful and easy to use. During my wine education and workshops, I always get the question how to preserve a bottle of wine after opening it and now I have the answer: in anaerobic conditions, Repour is keeping wine fresh, lively and enjoyable like the first day. We will hear a lot about it in the near future!

━ Monika Neral,<br>The only female ASI International gold diploma in Croatia and Italy,<br>2nd runner-up in the 2023/22/21 Croatian sommelier championship,<br>Owner of the wine and somm company VINNER, Rijeka, Croatia

━ Monika Neral,
The only female ASI International gold diploma in Croatia and Italy,
2nd runner-up in the 2023/22/21 Croatian sommelier championship,
Owner of the wine and somm company VINNER, Rijeka, Croatia

 “Repour has simplified and released our wine list creativity.”
– restaurant KALA,
Supetar, island of Brač, Croatia
(Michelin recommendation 2023)


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