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Repour Restaurant, Hotel, Wine Bar
Business Case



Sommeliers and wine professionals at by the glass selling points always want to provide the best customer experience and devote more time and focus to the story of the wine, its producer, terroir, serving method, etc., and of course to all other attributes that make their place unique – an oasis of a special and an inspiring atmosphere.

In order to make its place more profitable, Repour will also contribute to the efforts, saving the money on the last glass of wine, that is poured out of the bottle.


Hereunder, we will share with you our estimation of the cost effectiveness of Repour, looking at it through the estimated cost of the Repour per one serving of the last glass from the bottle and looking at it through the purchase and retail price of a 0,75l bottle of wine, which is served by the glass.

Let’s say that the net cost of one Repour closure for a point of sale, per one pour, is around 0.30 – 0.35 EUR, per poured glass.

Why is Repour profitable even if you use it for a bottle with only 100-150 ml of wine, left?

Let’s say that for a restaurant or wine bar, you purchase 1 bottle of 0,75l wine (from a wine producer or wine wholesaler) at a wholesale net price of 11.00 EUR, excluding VAT.
Its retail price without VAT in a restaurant, wine bar, hotel, etc., can be around 28-33 EUR (probably more in premium by the glass outlets), excluding VAT.
That glass of wine in By the Glass program in a restaurant, wine bar, hotel, etc. is sold for around 5 EUR per glass, excluding VAT.

So, if we look at the net purchase wholesale price (at which the wine is bought from the wine producer or from the wine wholesaler) of one glass of wine, it costs on average around 1.70 EUR, excluding VAT.
One Repour closure costs on average around 1.90 EUR**, excluding VAT and the rest up to around 5.00 EUR excluding VAT – that’s 1.40 EUR of gross profit, per that last glass poured.

If that last glass of wine was not saved and sold in the next 1 – 2 days, the wine would go to waste and the loss for 1 bottle of 0,75l, for that last glass, would be all of 5.00 EUR!

So, think of the cost of the Repour, which per one glass, per one pouring for 0,30-0,35 EUR, excluding VAT, saves you apx. 3.10 EUR/per poured glass.

Of course, the question is how many bottles of wine (of the last or more pouring) are gone bad in one year, due to the oxidation, so the amount of loss multiplies many times.

*Example that is given, is just an scenario and estimation that can vary based on the different variables among others; wine purchasing price, commercial and delivery terms upon the purchase of Repour, wine retail price of the by the glass program etc.
** Wholesale price per 1 closure in 72-Pack