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4-Pack of Repour

A great choice for wholesale wine promotions (e.g. “buy 6 bottles and get 4 Repour free”). At home, they’re perfect for infrequent wine consumers.

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  • Easy to Use: Repour is as easy to use as putting a stopper in a bottle of wine. When you’re ready for another glass – remove Repour, pour, re-stop with Repour, and enjoy your wine again. Repeat as needed. It’s that simple.
  • Always Fresh: Repour Wine Saver will keep your favorite wine as fresh as the day you opened the bottle! Repour works so well, your wine may need a minute or two to open back up when you return to enjoy another glass.
  • How it Works: The presence of oxygen is what causes your wine to go bad. Repour’s patented technology eliminates 100% of the oxygen in a bottle which means wine saved with Repour always stays fresh.
  • Versatile: Repour is suitable for nearly all 750ML wine bottles and works perfectly on both red and white wines.

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